D2K Interview Questations


Qus 39. What is a visual attribute?
Ans. Visual Attributes are the font, color and pattern characteristics of objects that operators see and intract with in our application.

Qus 40. How to call Report from other Report ?
Ans. We can use the following code on the when_button_pressed trgger of the button taken on the report layout.

SRW.RUN_REPORT executes the specified R25RUN command.
Type: Procedure

SRW.RUN_REPORT (command_line CHAR);
srw.run_report('report=F:\PRIMES\Executable\report\EMP1.rep destype=printer desformat=dflt batch=yes background=yes blankpages=no param1='||null);
command_line Is a valid R25RUN command.

Qus 41. What are the different types of Record Groups?
Ans. (1)query record group (2)non-query record group (3)static record group

Qus 42. What are the types of TRIGGERS ?
Ans. 1. Navigational Triggers. 2. Transaction Triggers.

Qus 43. A query fetched 10 records How many times does a PRE-QUERY Trigger and POST-QUERY Trigger will get executed ?
Ans. (!)PRE-QUERY fires once.(2) POST-QUERY fires 10 times.

Qus 44. Can a sigle canvas be used by different blocks ?
Ans . yes

Qus 45. What ia an object groups?
Ans. object group is a container of related objects which can be refferenced in any othere modules

Qus 46. What is difference between open_form and call_form?
Ans. Open form openes a new form ,call_form call an existing form
When open_form is used, user can navigate between called and calling form but when call_form is used,user has to explicitly exit from the called form to go to the calling form.

Qus 47. What are the trigger associated with image items?
Ans. When-timer-expired.

Qus 48. What is a Static Record Group?
Ans. static record group is is group build with predefined values at design time.

Qus 49. can you change the default value of the radio button group at run time?
Ans. No.

Qus 50. What are the triggers associated with a check box?
Ans. Only When-checkbox-activated Trigger associated with a Check box.

Qus 51. What are Most Common types of Complex master-detail relationships?
Ans. There are three most common types of complex master-detail relationships:
master with dependent details (2) master with independent details (3)detail with two masters

Qus 52. what u write in Ctl file
Ans. Control file contains the records which are rejected by SQL* Loader.

Qus 53. What is an Alert ?
Ans. An alert is window that appears in the middle of the screen overlaying a portion of the current display.


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