D2K Interview Questations


Qus 70. What is synchronize?
Ans. It is a terminal screen with the internal state of the form. It updates the screen display to reflect the
information that oracle forms has in its internal representation of the screen.

Qus 71. What are the difference between lov & list item?
Ans. Lov is a property where as list item ias an item. A list item can have only one column, lov can have one or more columns.

Qus 72. What are the built_ins used the display the LOV?
Ans. Show_lov List_values

Qus 73. Can we use GO-BLOCK package in a pre-field trigger ?
Ans. No

Qus 74. How can a break order be created on a column in an existing group?
Ans. By dragging the column outside the group.

Qus 75. What are different types of images?
Ans. Boiler plate images Image Items

Qus 76. What is the maximum no of chars the parameter can store?
Ans. The maximum no of chars the parameter can store is only valid for char parameters, which can be upto 64K. No parameters default to 23Bytes and Date parameter default to 7Bytes.

Qus 77. What is the difference between boiler plat images and image items?
Ans. Boiler plate Images are static images (Either vector or bit map) that you import from the file system or database to use a graphical elements in your form, such as company logos and maps Image items are special types of interface controls that store and display either vector or bitmap images. like other items that store values, image items can be either base table items(items that relate directly to database columns) or control items. The definition of an image item is stored as part of the form module FMB and FMX files, but no image file is actually associated with an image item until the item is populate at
run time.

Qus 78. What is a difference between pre-select and pre-query?
Ans. Fires during the execute query and count queryprocessing after oracle forms constructs the select
statement to be issued, but before the statement isactually issued.
The pre-query trigger fires just before oracle forms issues the select statement to the database after the
operator as define the example records by entering the querycriteria in enter query mode.
Pre-query trigger fires before pre-select trigger.

Qus 79. Can you truncate a table in a procedure in Oracle Forms?
Ans. yes -using execute immediate

Qus 80. what are difference between post database commit and post-form commit?
Ans. Post-form commit fires once during the post and commit transactions process, after the database commit occures. The post-form-commit trigger fires after inserts,updates and deletes have been posted to the database but before the transactions have been finalished in the issuing the command.The
post-database-commit trigger fires after oracle forms issues the commit to finalished transactions.

Qus 81. What is the order of the triggers fired once the form is opened?
Ans. Pre,on,when post,key

Qus 82. What is a library?
Ans. A library is a collection of subprograms including user named procedures, functions and packages.


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