D2K Interview Questations


Qus 83. What is the advantage of the library?
Ans. Library’s provide a convenient means of storing client-side program units and sharing them among multipule applications. Once you create a library, you can attach it to any other form,menu,or library modules. When you can call library program units from triggers menu items commands and user named routine, you write in the modules to which you have attach the library. when a library attaches another library ,program units in the first library can reference program units in the attached library. Library support dynamic loading-that is library program units are loaded into an application only when needed. This can significantly reduce the run-time memory requirements of an applications.

Qus 84. What is a Text_io Package?
Ans. Text_io package is used to print the result in excel sheet.

Qus 85. What are the important difference between property clause and visual attributes?
Ans. Named visual attributes differed only font, color & pattern attributes, property clauses can contain this and any other properties. You can change the appearance of objects at run time by changing the named visual attributes programatically , property clause assignments cannot be changed programatically. When an object is inheriting from both a property clause and named visual attribute, the named visual attribute settings take precedence, and any visual attribute properties in the class are ignored.

Qus 86. What is a property clause?
Ans. A property clause is a named object that contains a list of properties and thier settings. Once you create a property clause you can base other object on it. An object based
on a property can inherit the setting of any property in the clause that makes sense for that object.

Qus 87. What is an OLE?
Ans. Object Linking & Embedding provides you with the capability to integrate objects from many Ms-Windows applications into a single compound document creating integrated applications enables you to use the features form .

Qus 88 . I am making an oracle 10g report and in Query Builder I tried to use lexical reference after the from clauselike SELECT ORDID, TOTALFROM &ATABLE;But it was showing me an error "invalid table name"Can't
Ans : Lexical references is used to runtime dynamic where conditions. If you create query through query builder colon(:) must be used and this is used in after parameter form. Jitendra kumar(software Engineer). ...

Qus 89 . Illustrate a scenario where post change and pre-change trigger get fired?
Latest Answer: pre-change trigger fires when the value is changed or selected from the listitem andpost-change trigger fires when the value is changed after the value is selected from the list item.

Qus 90 . How many times pre query and post query fired when we fetch 10 record from a table ?
Ans : These two are Query based write, once U fires the query before the query Pre Query fires only one time when the query executed the 10 rows are executed which means post Query is also fires only one time ...

Qus 91 . i want to retrieve data from table where apply date field from table which likedate = sysdate,so i not got a data , what i doe.g.select date from abc where date = sysdate;this is right or wrong ,plz give
Ans : select app_date from application where app_date=sysdate;The above query is right but may not fetch record.sysdate defult format is = 'dd/mm/yyyy hh:mi:ss'app_date might format may be = 'dd/mm/yyyy'so please writeselect app_date from applicationwhere trunc(app_date)=trunc(sysdate) ...

Qus 92 . i want to run a report daily, actually there is a whole data retrieving in one report so, i want the report daily at evening auto run and generate data and convert it into pdf, so how i it put the report
Ans : You can schedule the task using unix shell scripting and crontab file inorder to execute it on specified time. ...

Qus 93. Can :SYSTEM.CURRENT_BLOCK value be changed. If yes how? If no Why?With Example
Ans : No we can not change value of :system.current_block.These Sytems property is only check status of current block. ...

Qus 94. What are the forms status in form 6i
Ans : The three form status are New ,QUERY, CHANGEDTARIYAL,BIJENDER ...

Qus 95 . What is the use of decode function?
Ans : The decode function is used to read the value from the given column and check 'if' the given column value and given if value is same then return the value other wise return the else value. Like this it will check the values for entire given colum. I hope ...

Qus 96 . How do you dynamically change the page size of D2k Reports ?
Ans : Pagesize=width*height(Default bitmap is 8.5* 11 inchs, char is 80 * 66 characters)Note : A pagesize entered on the runtime parameter ...

Qus 97 . What is the return type for oracle apps report trigger
Ans : That Will be Boolean like True or false ...


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