D2K Interview Questations


Qus 12. What are the types of Pop-up window ?
Ans. the (1)pop-up field editor (2)pop-up list of values (3)pop-up pages

Qus 13. What is the usage of the Flex mode in Layout Editor ?
Ans. If we want to make any adjustments in the layout regarding the items in that layout ,then we have to set the flex mode

Qus 14. What is forms_DDL?
Ans. Issues dynamic Sql statements at run time, including server side pl/SQl and DDL

Qus 15. When will ON-VALIDATE-FIELD trigger executed ?
Ans. It fires when a value in a field has been changed and the field status is changed or new and the key has been pressed. If the field status is valid then any further change to the value in the field will not fire the on-validate-field trigger.

Qus 16. What is the content view and stacked view?
Ans. A content view is the "Base" view that occupies the entire content pane of the window in which it is displayed. A stacked view differs from a content canvas view in that it is not the base view for the window to which it is assigned

Qus 17. What ERASE package procedure does ?
Ans. Erase removes an indicated global variable

Qus 18. What is the difference between ON-VALIDATE-FIELD trigger and a POST-CHANGE trigger ?
Ans. When you changes the Existing value to null, the On-validate field trigger will fire post change trigger will not fire. At the time of execute-query post-chage trigger will fire, on-validate field trigger will not fire.

Qus 19. What is the use of Data Link in Reports?
Ans. by Data Link layer we can connect two databsle tables on which u want to generate the reports

Qus 20. What is the use of Data Link in Reports?
Ans. Data links are used to establish parent-child relationships between queries and groups via column matching

Qus 21. EXIT_FORM is a restricted package procedure ?
Ans. True.

Qus 22. How does the command POST differs from COMMIT ?
Ans. Post writes data in the form to the database but does not perform database commit Commit permenently writes data in the form to the database.

Qus 23. What is the difference between $$DATE$$ & $$DBDATE$$
Ans. $DBDATE$ retrieves the current database date $date$ retrieves the current operating system date.

Qus 24. What is the basic data structure that is required for creating an LOV?
Ans. Record Group.

Qus 25. What is summary column in Oracle Reports ?
Ans. for the summary feilds like grand totals we can place this column,and it should be placed out of the repeating frame.


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